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tumblr_lcjzausFEO1qehd6xo1_400   RESPECT***     kristofferson-album-350 kris kristofferson wichita ks Wide awake and feeling mortal At this moment in the dream That old man there in the mirror And my shaky self-esteem Here today and gone tomorrow That’s the way it’s got to be With an empty blue horizon For as far as I can see **Chorus God Almighty here I am Am I where I ought to be I’ve begun to soon descend Like the sun into the sea And I thank my lucky stars From here to eternity For the artist that you are And the man you made of me Pretty speeches still unspoken Perfect circles in the sand Rules and promises I’ve broken That I still don’t understand Soon or later I’ll be leaving I’m a winner either way For the laughter and the loving That I’m living with today ***Repeat Chorus Wide awake and feeling mortal
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