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Ask iAN * Last Ride Ambulance


There...your guitar
being put away into it's case/coffin
as all your accumulated memories drift away like snowflakes
from a winter white out wooden

your dog backed into a corner
fielding off question marks like flying daggers
nothing to do but follow you down the drain

Time stands still
as your x girlfriends break bread with bright bastards
at the same time your gurney
bangs into the wall
and your useless strumming arm
jiggles like a bumped glass of watered down Whiskey
at the elbow

Autumn wraps her heart of crimson leaves around your carved out Name
Summer avoids you like the plague
Winter relates unto your sorrow the best
while spring is too young to remember you.... .*

All the repercussions of your quick gun draw
dumb vodka
you never even knew somehow
or another
that you were
a silver sheened violin
playing soft as an Ophelia'less swan reflecting bark pond
did you have to Always
be heavy

Don't you know you've turned the castle of my heart
into a graveyard?

I didn't come here to make your spirit feel bad...
I just came to talk out something without a chance for resolution
I came to learn how to live under this spell
that you've spilled

When Always isn't an option
you had better take better care of what we got
but it's too late
too damn stupid
too fucked up
to drape my phantom longing arms around tonight.... .*

I will love you
I will love you in my small walking quiet...
I stop long enough to dump my pocket change into the wishing well
like throwing out the trash

and hitch a ride to nowhere
on a dustcloud
to who'thefuck'caresville.  See you on the other side of
Big rock candy Mountain*
You were
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