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ASK iAN * Lean On Me

ASK iAN * Lean On Me
My Mother sent me this Letter that somebody she knows wrote about a friend...i want to share it with You, Friend... Yesterday my friend Larry Nanny passed away. Although truly he was my mother's friend for over 50 years, I would be amiss not to say he was MY friend as well. At a time in my life when foes were cleverly filling the spaces my friends didn't dare tread, Larry was there. When I was getting sick and tired of being sick and tired and I had successfully isolated myself from everyone who loved me, Larry was there. When I would run full speed, and my twisted truths and straight lies beat me home, Larry was there. I could call Larry when nobody else could or would take my call. You see I had done too much damage. I had worn out my welcome in the hearts and minds of even the most loyal and beloved people in my life. But, Larry was there. I would go on and on about the mess I had made of things, like it was a new song, one he might not have heard before. In no time at all Larry was humming the melody right along with me, understanding and empathizing in perfect harmony. Now I am clean and sober for seven months. After my last time down, I never thought I would be able to come home again. Now, thanks to God I am home. And when I look to heaven and give thanks to God for this millionth second chance I am assured that Larry is there.
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