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Ask iAN – Letter of the month

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I read your reply to Violetka on the BRMC forum and totally loved every word!

A good friend of mine is at a point in her life where she has lost her self esteem and confidence and isn't sure about which path to take in life regarding her career etc and I sent her the link to the question Violetka asked and immediately after reading it she told me she also loved it and told me that she is going to copy your words and print them out and stick them on her wall and read them every day. It's amazing how someone else's words can really spur you on to really challenge life and challenge yourself to see how far your willing to go to really experience all that life has to offer.. the good and the bad, the safe and the scary!

I think I too will print out your words and on occasion when I think I can't do it or I think I won't be able or for whatever 'hold me back' reason.. I will read.

So thanks for the words of wisdom,
take care


Thank YOU Emma, for writing in... I would wish you and your friend Luck, but you don't need it...all you need is to believe in i believe in you both. 
Good health, good love, good strength to you all


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