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ASK iAN * Letter to A Friend


There is No Time
Like NOW

That Something that is Extraordinary
That Something that is So Only Timeless...
That Something So Pure as the Electricity that Roams inside the bones of a Wolf
down beneath the fur so focused...
This is YOUR BOOK of Roses
intertwining with our Book as Well...2 books mingled make a Holy Ghost 3, for where 2 or more are gathered...

i doubt myself too...when i promised to not second guess myself this Year... We are Only Human...but strangely enough...even at our Lowest...we Rise to the Top for Others and even Amaze Ourselves at Our Own Strength, Braveness in the wilderness of Hopelessness...You are Stronger than You will ever even fucking Know...Have faith in whatever it is you praise...but put a little of that Faith in Yourself...
Cause You, My friend...Are fucking

Fighting Demons is What We Do BEST.
Pass the Fuckun' Ammo
and Holy Burn*
We ALL Got It Bad
When You Focus On Helping Get's Your Mind Off of Your Own You lift the Pain from Off Another...You Golden Beauty YOU*
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