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ASK iAN * Life is a Strange drug

    Fly Hard and forget your stench Aim to soar like an Eagle even when you Limp like a Crow We don't Arrive at Crazy We are driven there in a beaten down Rolls Royce Phantom through the ghettos of heaven jaw dropped, bell rung and slightly fuckun' scoobied Battle lines and Scars shrinking tits half witted inherited winds of hell nothing we ourselves carved out as our knives were either planted or taken into custody No Ethics, Memory, Glory, or place to call home No product, No scalps on belts, but plenty of broken bones, unbalanced souls, and the hearty laughter of Regret Curiosity and Obsession We are biological disasters in designer clothing Which came first? The headache or the orgasm? The Godz are giving Away Free tickets to this bedazzled amusement we call life in the modern swing... I am dizzy and sizzling like a steak on a stripping pole i once had an Ass like a sand paper smoothed Pineapple and now it's all gone Up to my Pineal Gland...shot out from a toothpaste tube cum shot of hand me down wisdom... Paranoid like an insomniatique machinist enduring a lonely hunter winter... My tongue keeps beat with the bumps that Nature drums up for You Disaster is my mood No Time for Shame Eyes Trans*fixed on Black Cat Sunshine Letting Go of old Relationships...Now that the litter box is empty and no longer used and the Politicians have finally won our washed minds...A Gigantic Room of Nothing with Invisible Fire for a Center... Dying is as dirty as Living the Life You're Dying from... Remain UnSane Let Revolt reverberate in the soles of your boots Heaven is a Safe House located directly in your Heart Your Life is a book inside of a bigger booming book take a look around the world You young song I don't Spy i let the story unfold as the cars singe by...i wince at the flash that i've been Sold Cats don't have an America... They have Oceans to cross instead... Electrical Jail Days and i am too Old to chase a New York College Fresh Egg-shell Girl My boots are smoking My Eyes are Laughing 3 buildings + 2 planes = bullshit Math Prada Heads won't attend your funeral and trash mail will follow you past your grave... This life no matter how big or small is the only thing You'll never save Stay Ivory Pony Pussy      
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