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Kalua K Krynska

A pink slip a contract a slab of steak on a plate a dog a slave a promise

these are things that Love is NOT Love IS Luck a blessing a friendship with no promised Time... a flash of knowledge a candle giving light to another candle an unexpected kiss that drops darkness to the ground and gives us crisp blue sky breath it's the birth of courage bestowed upon You it's turning woe into the sharp smile of wisdom it's what our blood was born to do Love is Not stalker radio paranoia ordered and a violence receptor Love is Not a hot plate on two legs a wall to ignore a person to drown out with television your personal fuck gym your therapist your property It can be a bird a rattlesnake a port in a storm the song of the siren the Hall of death it's an experience not a law be thankful even for the bad we all take the highs with the lows... Nothing is ever's all rent. be kind cause so few are* and be good to one another especially if you're poor there is no such thing as an arranged marriage... that's just another term for family stone mental illness... Love lands on You it's not found on Ebay Happy Valentines Day iAN
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