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8738fff2b84211e2ae2122000ae90612_7     Dear Nicol├ís Corredor Ospina what is your goal and why u like BRMC? 20:51 - iAN Dear iAN * I'm going to Africa to study the ecology and etiology of the gorillas and the I would like to travel to Thailandia so I could study the orangutans I met rebel in 2006 I was 11 years old And i was learning how to play the bass so My cousin came into the room and told me dude, you need to listen this song, it's fucking crazy so he played Whatever happened to my rock n roll When the bass line started I felt amazing I felt energy growing inside of me I remember I wanted to learn to play that song so badly that i made a lot of hurts in my fingers then I grow Up and I started to buy some discs my first disc was Baby 81 and I don't know its my style it's the music that I enjoy the most. FANS LIKE YOU MAKE OUR HEARTS MELT....GOLDEN RAVENS, PLANET OF THE SWEET APES AND CO. BLESS YOUR ROCKAND ROLL HEART, NIC* FOREVERMORE* GOOD HEALTH AND GOOD LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND COUNTRY ALWAYS...SEE YA SOON* DEAR HEART*
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