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HOW TO PUT YOUR HEART AND BOOT INTO NASHVILLE...WELL DONE, YOUNG MEN, WELL DONE / Live @ Cannery Ballroom, Nashville. The last song of the last show on our tour with BRMC. tumblr_mhb4lwC5aQ1rufs31o1_500 190477_537140572990918_1261235365_n this is magic i love these kids, and the people around them feel like the real thing. i hope their light keeps burning / R.L.B. tumblr_lwmb3i6viM1qf4hg2o1_500 Yeah man, serious withdrawals coming home after all of that madness. I feel like I hopped a speeding train from an unmoving world and was back on the ground again in a matter of 5 seconds. I have never so confidently called an experience 'dreamlike' but that was it man, in every aspect of the word. It never really hit me that what was happening, was really happening. The band killed us with altruism, and we learned a lot, all that we could in a daze like that. Just being in that atmosphere was the most reassuring confirmation that this is what I'm doing with my life, no matter what. On a side note, your Mom is the best. I love her. Jonah Smith (PLOWBOY) viewer
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