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ASK iAN * Message from a Stranger

Kurt A. Salyer 26, passed away Nov. 19, 2011. / A Celebration of Life Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2011.

So you didn't know him.


He graduated High School.
He graduated from College.
He fell in Love and went to the Altar and they both kept their word...until death do us part.
He worked hard and had his eye trained on his goal.
To help and protect.
His funeral was standing room only.
His cancer cruel and quick.
His smile contagious
you never left a room he entered
without wearing a smile on your face
until today...
when they laid him to rest.
Those closest to him will smile again and those distant
the likes of you and me might gently be reminded from time to time...

to complain a little less about the imperfections of
our hairstyle
that the paint takes too long to dry
or that petrol prices are a bit steep
or maybe that the plate is not warm enough
and isn't it the time right now
at this instant
to be thankful that you are even drawing breath
that fog appears when you huff into a mirror
that you can make a phone call or send an email and tell somebody
that is also alive like you
that you love them more than the stars and the moon
It's good to know
that you can swallow a glass of water
that you can get lost in the electricity of music that touches the most
inner depth of you and feel high...
It's good to know that tonight you can get lost in your sleep
and have tomorrow maybe...waiting for you bright and early to a fresh start
your heart pounding with joy or even sorrow...that you are even around to just feel...

Kurt didn't get a choice
He got dealt a bad card
the worst card
I wouldn't mind if he was 99
but he wasn't
he hadn't even reached the gates of his prime yet.

This is not a lesson
maybe it's a humble nudge to myself and to my friends...that you can do anything you want to right least we have a choice.
We could get on a plane or a train tonight...or sit perfectly still in our room and contemplate the constellations, the shape of the world at large, or fancy where our hearts will be in 2013...

Some of you may not see it as a loss, but i beg to differ...
When you don't live long enough to even have the chance to reflect and it wasn't something you ordered..then it's quite a loss, friend.

The irony is that Kurt worked at loss prevention...and it just goes to show that no matter how well laid your plans are, or what you want,
or desire...doesn't mean a thing to the infinite that just is. 
There is no time like NOW.
There are no laurels to rest upon when you chalk it all up to would of could have should have...

Kurt's death cemented what i knew all along to be true.
Live like there is no tomorrow to come and put some heart into it...
Love good and true.
Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Leave your ego at the door.
Take a chance and gamble.
Love yourself enough to let yourself slide from stress
and find the strength to smile in the face of a world gone haywire...

and never take family, friends, animals, oxygen, water, good times and music for granted.
Count your lucky and unlucky stars and be thankful for the highs and for the lows as well.

Live full for those who so badly Wanted to
Live Full and
and don't be one who didn't even though
you Could Have.

Bless your heart
Bless Kurt


I never met the man and you didn't either, let it serve  me well, to know that
he is an ageless and timeless reminder of these small blessings that we do have, of all we've sadly parted with and the optimism we should covet these strange days...
Let Us be doggone thankful and let us resurrect the better angels of our nature once again, to let go our petty grudges and magnified slights...and burn brighter through the rest of our days.  Thank you Kurt...see you on the other side, brother and he says for me to tell his wife

he loves her...Always, that she made his short life Worth living.... .*Always.




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