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i lie forgotten beneath the rubble of great men and not so great men... beneath their limbs i lie forgotten my castle crumbled my youth now salt air my my my... Angled in amongst gladiator elbows tortured artist spines and the supine ivory buttocks of GreekĀ  gods Specks of my soul shimmer through dusty film and all gossip of me long ago washed away by the rains of Hollywood i lay here beneath this mountain of men smothered and rarely unearthed only to be buried by far less worthy faces on film... i lay at the bottom of this heap this mortuary mountain molded deconstructed and melted in with the multitudes i use to You now are... times change i was changed i never could swim back after reconstruction and my resurrection was a sad affair dying in a clinch of despair you'll never know buried at the width of this mountain of muscle and memory maybe you'll dig me up and shine me off sometime there is still silver underneath my mold Timeless...once a smile of a kid forgotten now beneath this Mountain of Men
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