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Anybody can meet a famous person.  No.  Anybody can meet any Lame famous Person, but not everyone can meet Lemmy & Dave Grohl/ i did because my Dead Best Friend always wanted to and never got a chance/ so fuck Off/ If ya can't do something for yourself, at least do it for somebody who wanted to but never got the fucking chance/ Thanx Lemmy, Thanx D.G./ Thanx Nick Oliveri/and a big bloody slab of Thanx to the 6 foot 6 motorcycle longhair gorilla sized golden hearted motherfucker that put his own Motorhead backstage pass necklace over my crown like King Arthur giving Lancelot a chance to rockand roll in the south wing of purgatory....bless your golden heart ya big as fuck Motherfucker...and yer big ol' golden ponyboy heart* / Hell comes Easy...ya gotta fight, dance and fuck yer way to Heaven...God hates Tuxedos*  Do It! DSCF2471collageDSCF2544dave wirths ronda and cobe at stus house on rutan317415_265025796855308_100000436680882_963652_3090735_n 148253_179105002114055_100000436680882_521532_6019279_nThanx to Grant Smith/Stu&Dave&Ronda/and the rest of You Wichita Motherfuckers that burned me onto MOTORHEAD...i Adore You Motherfuckers* Many Thanx* I Love You Stu*/190567_203506973007191_100000436680882_685174_3821881_nWITH STRENGTH OF WILL YOU CAN DO ANYTHING.  WITH WILLPOWER YOU CAN DETERMINE YOUR DESTINY - BOB DYLAN* THANX FOR LOOKING PAST MY SHORT-COMINGS E* AND REMAINING MY FRIEND - GOOD WOLF* AND MAKING IT ALL HAPPEN* HEAVEN HELL AND ALL* IT DOESNAE MATTER WHAT IT IS...MEETING MOTORHEAD, GETTING THE FUCK OUT OF A SHITE TOWN, OR PLAYING DRUMS WHEN SOMEBODY SAYS YOU CAN'T DO IT GOOD ENOUGH...DON'T LISTEN TO 'EM...SET YOUR AIM HIGH AND FIRE THOSE FUCKING ARROWS OF PASSION....HIGH.*RIGHT OVER THEIR DUMB FUCKING SKULLS....YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU WANT TO ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS HAVE A GOOD HEART AND FUCKING PARTICIPATE...FOR A CHANGE* KISSES FUCKERS*    
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