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Ask iAN – Music is a separate living being


          If you're the Kings of Leon then No, it's just rubbish that makes you wanna blow ass on the dance floor.

I feel Good Music is somewhat of an entity, capable of seducing the mind quite like the Absinthe Fairy or the Ghost of Christmas Past.  There has been certain music that has stayed with me longer than many long term girlfriends have, but hell, music like dogs and cats doesn't judge you and if I was dating me, fuck man, i'd split too.  Music can be a true friend, it can also act like a poltergeist and harangue your brain like bashing bells at midnight. 
folks are instruments of the Lord and they claim to do his/her biddings and I'd say it was something fairly similar when it comes to Good Music.  It's not so much the instrument the person is playing as much as the person is the instrument taking dictation from somewhere beyond the realm...similar to a ouija board...messages or music from the beyond....sometimes it's just really good drugs, sometimes it's just the liquor talkin' trash, sometimes it's the lonely ghost of a despondent housewife or with Mozart...perhaps the voice of God.

Music lives by itself all around us.  Music doesn't need instruments to be heard.  You can hear it on the train tracks round midnight, in the trickle of a stream, in your bed springs when somebody you love is humping all hell outta ya.  You can hear it in your head, in your bowels and your heart beat, you can hear it when three punters are kicking the shite out of some old drunky and you can hear it in the droaning croaker moaning of a junkie's slurring complaint.  Music is all around you... in Nature and in Actions.  So my answer is YES.  Music IS a seperate living being itself.  Most people make a mess of it.  Few compliment it well and bring it forth from the starry beyond....some even capture the ghost keys. 

I love the music of the river with the accompaniment of rare birds piping in, especially the mocking bird. 

If you are as crazy as I am and want to hear some really new and exciting music, just hustle up about 10 friends, go down to the busiest street you know where there is loads of traffic and throw 10 bowling balls really hard down the center of the street and when those balls start bouncing everywhere and the cars start smashin' into one another...well it is a symphony quite like no other, made by you and your friends and each time you do it, you get a different symphony.  Enjoy!

Good Music Reigns
Good Music is your Friend
Bad music is what you send your x lover in the mail

rock and roll!

Last call at the bar is NOT music to my ears

and No i havnae heard or read that one fucker you asked me about, feel free to send it round, cheers.

Oh and tell Maria Howdy for me please.... .*

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