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ASK iAN * Novo Pilota Odio Cosmico

novaaa                                          iAN - HEY ROJO, Where do ya'll hail from? Rojo -We're out of Juárez México...Maybe you've  heard about our city because of the violence caused by cartels over the past 4 years...
We have struggled hard, very fucking hard.  Music has saved our minds.
Our last album is about all of that,  it was our way of saying that we've had enough.
The album is called E.T.E.R.N.A.U.T.A.
and we have kept walkin', side by side     NOVO PILOTA Julio "JAM"  Monsivais - Vocals Erick "Rojo" Arenas - Guitar, backing vocals Héctor "Chambers" Rodríguez - Drums, percussions Hugo Huesca - Bass   Eternauta Portada     Novo Pilota Odio Cosmico MotionLaba Production Boutique Lanzamiento oficial: 08.27.2012 Novo Pilota Siguenos por Twitter @NOVOPILOTA Pic: Mayela Luna novaa      
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