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ASK iAN * Pay it Forward and let it bleed* About a month ago Jonah came home from the second hand clothing store with a pair of brown suede boots that he wears every single day. He loves the concept of wearing dead man's boots - iAN style.

 Last week he came home from the same store with a brown suede fringe jacket - Davy Crockett style; a perfect match. He loves that jacket and also wears it every day.

 Last night I took Jonah and his bass player Isaac to the Granada to see Rhett Miller and others at a Cystic Fibrosis benefit show. There were a pair of 25-30 year old chickadoodles in front of us bouncing around and turning around occasionally to make sure we were watching. One of the girls began fussing over Jonah's jacket, saying she loved it and had been looking for a similar jacket, where did he get it, etc. - and could she maybe purchase his jacket from him. And so it was on.

 "I'll give you $60"
"well I'll take $100".
We let her try it on and go to the the ladies' room mirror for a look-see.
She offered $75 upon her return and a deal was struck.
She said that if he was still here behind her after the concert was over, that she would give him 75 smackers for the suede fringe jacket.

Midway through the next hour, Jonah leans in my ear and says "Daddy-o, I can't take her money".

I had a hunch where he was going but I thought I would just watch and learn.

When the lights came on, the girl turned around and said " I have to go get my bag where my money is, then I'll be back for the jacket. Wait here."

 Jonah pulled the jacket off his back, handed it to her and said "here, it's yours, I want you to have it. Anyone crazy enough to let go of a jacket like this is not going to take money for it."

 She was in shock and didn't really get what he was saying, and insisted on paying. Nothing quite like this had ever happened to her before, I'm certain.

 Following much more back and forth, I gave the girl an hug and whispered in her ear, "just let him do this; it was all his idea."

 I know she went away a changed person, as did I. I hugged him and told him I had never been more proud of him than I was in that moment. Proud and changed.

 On the way out Isaac attempted to berate him, telling Jonah that was the stupidest thing he had ever seen anyone do. Isaac said she wasn't homeless, wasn't cold, wasn't poor and therefore he should have taken her money. Jonah confidently responded, "brother I did that for me, not her".

 Best part, is that Jonah told me on the ride home that he had been inspired by a recent Ask iAN post about giving $20 bills away in LA.

The actions we take can have HUGE impacts on the lives of those around us.

 God love you my brother.



What Politicians, Bankers and False T.V. Holy Ghost Moaners
will never understand is that
"Giving" is better than recieving and far more addictive than love and heroin...for it is a selfless act that is all up to you.

Jonah didn't know doesn't know that his good ol' dad has written me...and if you read this Jonah...I am mighty proud of you brother. 

We can't always give and we can't always be rewarded when we do...and we don't do it for reward because the reward is in the act itself...which is no act at's simple generosity...and doing for others out of the blue what you wish could only happen to you...or some such shit likes that...

It's sometimes a harder lesson to learn as we get it's a pure and fuckun' pleasant joy to read about a lad who is still a boy but is growing into his teens and will someday, lord let it be slow...a man.

B.R.M.C and iAN...we like to practice what we preach...and drink our own medicine...

and though that cool ass jacket will never truly be replaced...we thought we could at least cover your back for being such a beautiful dude and giving from your heart.

In the mail and heading your way is a black shadow coat straight off the good and strong spine of Mr. Robert Levon Been.

We would love to help everyone...we do what we can...and we are proud of you Jonah...for being such a cool motherfucker, for having a heart and proving money does not always win, over kindness, generosity and soul.

Thanks to Jonah's parent's for raising such a smart and giving and very talented wild hearted son. 

bless All ya'all's hearts and YOU reading this...

give when you can
and when you can't don't sweat it...
and like my Papa Bill kind because so few are.


keep yer eye on that mailbox kid*


Big Dad Thanx to the Late Larry Stewart*

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