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Ask iAN * Related to the Enemy



She is Running out of Boys to bury
dropping bombs from her black piano skies
she is gunning
& desecrating obituaries

behind her eyes gamble the liars below the rooks
This here
is a filthy fucking Disco
Devil horns
burning in bathroom assholes
blood money
and the pat on the back is not mine but hers
i am not aligned to her
no assailant for her daily quick fix
her lobby is funerary clean with just a hint of piss
She lullabies
a nation
of cowards who break animals down into scraps
Her armies are far and wide
dead eyed lancers
with all the descrepency of sore lipped lunatics
I quit her team back in 97
she beat the record of Vietnam
now she's aiming in
Your Loyalty insures her reign
How many more buckets of blood
need to wash up on your boots
for you to piss upon
her fire?
I know...
She'll bury you.
You and your
Coffin Cracker.



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