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Ask iAN * Rev’evolution & Painting over History


I was talking with J Spaceman of Spiritualized after a show once
 and he informed me that he had just got back from New York  and added that this time he was really turned off by how clean it was.  He  went on to say that New York had lost most if not all of it's funk, said that where he lived in the UK with his wife and baby, he liked the fact that he could still walk out in the morning and wave hello to the street girl and pimp on the corner, he said he saw them as his friendly neighbors.  I liked that.

There's no going back, you've changed things...forever.
Who said that?

It's gonna take something bigger than a fanzine and some 16 hole boots to resuscitate and revive the youth of today.

January 22, 2010 - David G. Savage

Reporting from Washington ‚ÄĒ Overturning a century-old restriction, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday that corporations could spend as much as they wanted to sway voters in federal elections.

In a landmark 5-4 decision, the court's conservative bloc said that corporations had the same right to free speech as individuals, and for that reason the government could not stop corporations from spending to help their favored candidates.

Did you get a whiff of that?

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power - Mussolini

You were born when Nirvana came crawling out of the green river
I remember being around during Reagannomics and I bring all this up because back then
loads of young people we're really pissed off and today...aside from what's going down with the riots in the UK
but rather mostly here in America...young people are just kinda...Happy with the way things are and don't give a sweet fuck all about the reality
behind things ...they feel it's of no concern to them...and it shows.

What Hitler couldn't cope with was patience and when you need it all now and you do it with too much art won't's very short term.
It takes time and lots of planning and lots of sway people to one way of takes a lot of soap opera false drama to stir up the cauldrons and get 'em boiling and then know when to cool down the temperatures...i mention this all because a lot of fanzines were born out of Revolt...and no one is revolting.  There is almost too much to revolt against and yet nobody wants to shake the boat because nobody wants to get their cell phone wet.

Here in America you can see what is happening by just the shape and neutral colours of new cars.  The similarity...i can't tell a jag from a honda.
Most cars now are made very oval...kind of like the shape of a pharmaceutical pill.  The colours offered are black, white, granny pantyhose tan, grandbag gold, dull silverwear flat silver, maroon 5 red, dunce bleu and dead forest green.  If you look back at old films from the 50's to the 70's, almost every car blew your socks off. 

That's not all... i see it in the clothing as well.
Manufactured punkrock
manufactured vintage concert t shirts hot off the grill from yesterday...
Target and it's Missoni collection...everyone's a runway model, everyone's a rockandroll star, nobody has
any talent but they sure have a lot to say through their cellphones...fuckun' grocery list babble*

I mean fuck.  The kids i was growing up around disagreed with the coffin dodgers, quacks, hacks and phoneys.  They weren't down with Reagan anymore than they were down with Nixon.  They weren't down with suckin' it down, they didn't dig what good morning america had to say and we certainly didn't subscribe to blandness.  We didn't listen to music that was in McDonald's commercials,
we listened to bands like the sex pistols and cheap trick...and those bands were not trying to sell us Pepsi.
We could smell a poser from 7 miles away and we didn't trust politicians. 
We had to make our band fliers on the printers at our shitty jobs or use our dad's shite printer.
Like Doug Stanhope the comedian said..."We're gonna be the first generation of old timers to complain that the youth these days are a bunch of pussies".

I don't really know why but your question fired me up.
It was more than just fanzines for bands and word of mouth about bands and D.I.Y.
I think the interwebz like Scott Von Ryper (the black ryder) said is great for promoting your band and's much faster than a fanzine and is the ultimate word of mouth...but fanzines like vinyl seemed had more care put into them...a lot more care than an mp3.  You could smell it, hold it and fall in love with it...and it rev'd up the flight of the imagination...something most people no longer use these days.

Don't confuse this all with simple nostaligia...i promise you it is not.

I mean...if we are all on the same ship and that ship is being driven into an iceberg on purpose wouldn't you tap your fellow traveler on the shoulder and ask him if he's fuckun' seeing what yer seeing?

If Osama is dead and Saddam is dead...then what the fuck are the troops still doing fighting two wars under a nobel peace prize president?
If  a fire on one floor can bring down a building 47 stories tall made out of steel into it's own footprint, then why don't we just make all buildings out of brick or straw? ( 3 Pigs Quasi Mechaniques)

I guess the best thing about the change of things and the loss of

fanzines, D.I.Y. days and the lack of authenticity (nothing you purchase at IKEA is going to be haunted)  is that it makes it harder to remain true to yourself now.  Which isn't a bad thing, but a good thing.  It's harder to go against the grain, but it builds a more moral character in a sense.  I still believe in holding doors open for people and giving the right of way in traffic and saying thank you for everything, the good and the not so good, i tip waiters and waitresses and like any true american savage, i don't vote.

Quality over quantity...but that's just me.  I don't speak for anybody else, not BRMC or any of my friends, family, enemies, cohorts, brothers and sisters in crime or for the family for a safer america...i stand on my own two hooves.


You sound like a kid with a good headstart.

Stay true to yourself for as long as you can.

Stay Gold, Pony*

Ta* & bless yer heart*


I go against the grain

I don't start or join revolutions...i am my Own Rev'evolution*

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