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Ask iAN * Riot City blues U.K.



I should probably be more "rockand roll" and say something like Jim Morrison did when he said he was interested in anything to do with chaos, but i'll probably take the Morrissey route and say that I find all the chaos
rather dreary...

I was living in the heart of Hollywood during the Los Angeles Riots.  I was there for the whole sordid mess and all I can remember is all the hot ignorance and inconvenience.  I also think that people in dear old blighty have been feeling an unsettling sense of change for sometime...a strangling sensation from the faceless powers that be...and just like in los Angeles back then...all it takes is one bloke and a few bad cops to blow the fuckun' roof  right off the house.

I think the major aspect of it all is that nothing really changes.  Not for the better at least.
I see a lot of poor on poor crime.  A few cop cars get burned and a few cops take some rocks to the helmet and guess who pays for replacing those cop cars?  You.  The tax payer.

Then small business owners lose their shoppes...and they are the working class...poor on poor crime...and many of these stores never re-open because they've lost too much inventory etc...and i don't know how you can fuck up your poor brother when you are also poor like yer not really fuckin' up "the man" or "big brother" yer just fuckin' up yer little brother.

Seems like a lot of riots stem from good people who use their voice to express how corruption will not be tolerated in their community...but next thing you know it just turns into a shopping spree!  Free Radios!  Free Tellies!  Free I-pods!  It's like Black Friday but far more violent and daft.  I say if you're gonna go to the streets...don't loot your brothers and sisters...storm the bleedin' house of parliament and take up residency for fucksakes!

Riot folk unlike the cops, never have their shite together...still using hippie signs and lobbin' rocks and sitting fire to their own shite....and screamin' and a whoopin' and ah yelpin' utter nonsense noboby can understand...I say if yer gonna say least say it like George Galloway...not like some drunkin' yob from Glasgow....and

If yer gonna take on the least have the same gear.
and plenty of cash, phones, computers, motorcycles, cars
and a fuckun PLAN Stan.

Until's just a bunch of Ya-Ya
innocent poor people getting killed
closed poor man shops
and moanin'

Back in L.A.
I avoided the whole shebang.
I left the flat only for silkcuts and cider
and on my way to the liquor store...i saw a truckload of brutes who were by a lad and his bird
and slam the poor dude up the backside of his skull for no reason....with a huge  wooden board.  It split the cats head open nice and good and blood shot out and he fell flat on his fuckun' face...his girlfriend going mad...and i ran over and blood was pooling around him....I helped to drag him inside of their flat as she dialed 911.....then i split and went and got my liquor and smokes....I also had a friend get jumped and the shite beat out of him and he was robbed of the 9 dollars he had.....and the city burned....and it turned into a race riot of sorts....and you know what?
The big fatcats...the rich old corporate white men...just smiled from up on high...smokin' cigars, drinking brandy...and watching all the races of people that they loathe...kill one another.....

so i don't know how that is a WIN for US....the little cats and dolls...i really don't.

My advice to you is to stay inside until the bullshit blows over....and drink some pints, get yer smoke the verve's a storm in heaven...write some songs....get your lover to come over....and before you know it...just like the L.A. Riots...your riot too...will just be another auld clip on youtube in years to come....that folks hardly remember....

and this too shall pass...

ta brother


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