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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club carries a mighty legacy. They are affectionately known as ‘the band who broke the floor’ after an especially impressive performance compromised the structural integrity of a 150-year old English venue. Their music is a very visceral, garage-style vein of blues and psychedelic rock in the tradition of The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. During this year’s Sasquatch! main stage performance, the band operated on an amplitude high enough to make Spinal Tap envious, and the audience was over the moon in gratitude.

Californians Hayes and Levon Been are jovial and a pure joy with which to share a festival experience. The duo graced Sasquatch! with an acoustic performance a few hours later which felt the most personable encounter of all the artists that passed through the tiny tent. Very memorable was Robert adjusting the tempo of one of their gems from their Howl album to match the ambiance of Holy Ghost‘s electric music that bled through the set and blended to create a very unusual and singular soundscape. It was perhaps one of the most pleasant surprises of the weekend.

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