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ASK iAN * Save Sasha Vallely Fundraiser by Kelly Hanslip.

a7f0d2b95c60161b3f3c82f764b1d1c9_1365125623 Hey Everybody, On March 6th 2013 Sasha was severly injured in an accident causing her to have emergency neck & spinal surgery. The surgery replaced three discs that had been herniated with metal rods. Sasha was already suffering from Spinal Stenosis (an arthritic disorder causing narrowing of the spine, leaving her vulnerable to permanent paralysis) which became agrivated after the accident. As a result, she is in a great deal of pain and temporarily disabled, unable to use the right side of her body with minimal use of her left. Sasha is a mulit instrumentalist and vocalist, performing internationally for the past 15 years with acts such as The Mobsters, The Warlocks, Spindrift and The Silver Chords. Like many musicians, she is with out health care. With out insurance or medicare, she is left with many medical bills including a four week hospital stay, emergency surgery, aftercare and rehab fees as well as multiple medications. Sasha will also need to relocate to housing that provides adequate access for her disability while she relearns how to walk and move both her arms again. Since she is unable to work, she also does not have the financial means to pay for her basic necessities, rent, food, general care etc. Her family resides in Australia and England and are unable to care for her while she is recovering so she really needs our help right now. If you can donate, please do. Every little bit will help her through this difficult time. Thank you
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