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Zakaria Chmirou
i'll be bref !! i'm 21 old, i'm studying, and i'm feeling trapped in this life i have a dream, to live simple surrounded by culture and art and travel. but the more i learn about the world the more i feel that the simplest dream might be the hardest to fullfill... i'm about to finish school next year, and start what i call the miserable, hypocrite way of living

Zakaria Chmirou

i consulted jack london, kerouak, tolstoi, Hunter Thompson, Wilde, Chomsky, Che,... i think i'm on my way to find the right way, and i thought somebody like yourself will just enlighten me some more.. thank you Sir !!     YOU'VE put me in some Heavy Company Zak.....this is not the year to second guess yourself or go against your own grain. THIS is the ONLY Shot You get Jung Man...don't piss it down the gutter.  Don't Let University get You in debt...tell Sally Mae to get stuffed. If You ain't Terminal, then pull your nose off from resting on your own balls and put a zippo lighter under your nuts...and wake yourself out from another bad decision....there is no time to fuck about no matter what they sell ya.  This is not an american sit com re-run this is your 1st and Last Chance at Heaven...blood, bone, sorrow, and glints of shy Happiness....Let the other fucker, turn the cheek...take care of yourself...that is NOT Selfish...that's called Being Smart.  Keep Your heart Soft as a Kitten, keep your Guts hard as Stone...Aim High and accomplish all the dreams you've ever had...all ya gotta do is take a few steps forward instead of backwards and if the Lord don't meet Ya half way, shrug it off, and press the fuck ON.  Have Mercy on yourself but also keep an eye on your mark...don't let Time get too late...stab out and don't spend too much time on the feeling sorry for myself bog............if You ain't hurtin' nobody, then take what you want in the spirit of the grapes of wrath....don't hold back...your ancestors already done did that...bless their dead bodies....and is your time to fucking can always go back to college even at the age of 50/60/70/80/  but You can never get your Youth like a sweet dream demon...fall in Love, get hosed, get hurt, laugh at yourself in the mirror....ain't nothing to win on planet earth other than a little self respect and a whole lotta respect for others around you trying their damnedest too to celebrate and appreciate life, love and all that other shit. You may now leave your excuses at the front door along with the tampons, band aides, regrets, ass cushions, photo filters, acne pads, dildos, platform shoes, bra tissue, tube socks, main menus, flag devotion, teacher's pet zonked out zombie eyes, and general were born in the placenta river of your mothers bright black red swimming river of wild, stay true to your young wild...a pissed off shot, a storm crazing out the death of lightning struck crows, answer to no one...answer not to the devil or even God or your parents or self... answer to thought....instead of belief.  Answer your dreams with a long as you hurt no one...say yes. shit.....never settle until you have earned the easy chair of settle...LOVE yourself 1st and the world 2nd. Why? because once you've mastered yourself.......................then you can lend a hand to the Globe, son. Cheers Fucker. xi if i can make it to Berlin, Germany from Wichita, Kansas Wizard of Oz... and walk on the dust bones of Hitler with my dick in the wind drunk on cold piss giving money to the poor and kissing pussy.............i'm pretty sure you can accomplish your dreams my friend.
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