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Shadèn Alas Hey Ian, I´m writing to ask for a favor – maybe more like a question. A big question... Years ago, it must be like five or even six years, two friends of mine and myself went to see BRMC in France. It was a rather spontanous idea since we just simply couldn´t get enough of the music. Anyways, we arrived there only after spending our very last money. It was a small city somewhere near Lille and might I say - a quite spooky and dubious kind of place. So after the show we found ourselves nowhere, tyring to find a place to spend the rainy night (with no more then 5 Euros in our hands) waiting for the day to come and with it our train. Of course there was no place to go. Somehow Robert heard about that and after I had a little chat with him he – out of nowhere - gave me 50 Euros and left. He literally run away. We were so thankful and really never could find a way to truely thank him for it. I´m sure he doesn´t even remember it but we definately will never forget. We never really found a Motel that night but luckily a french girl and her sister offered us to sleep at their couch. Now, five or six years later, the same 50 Euros are still here and we would like to thank him buy using them. Maybe spend it on something he likes plus a big „thank you“ card? If you have any ideas we would be so thankful to hear them, since we have no idea what to buy. I have never in my life met a person acting as nobel as Robert. He did not know us but cared enough to help. We just wanna thank him for his kindness. Thank you for reading this. Lots of love. Shadéntumblr_mg4sedUTpf1qlabsfo1_500                                                        ANSWER * BUY YOURSELF AND A HOMELESS PERSON 2 BEERS AND A SANDWICH, AND CALL IT A FUCKING DAY, SWEETHEART.  YOU'RE WELCOME, BECAUSE YOU ARE LOVED, NO NEED FOR PAYBACKS TOWARDS OUR ZONE...PRESS ON AND GIVE IT FORWARD*
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