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ASK iAN * Spirit Drinkers

      SPIRIT DRINKERS YOU CAN'T GET IT BACK Tattooed tears with no laser surgery removal Done. It hurts Until you quit breathing Gotta find some humor somewhere this Life Hurts Ain't No Blueprint People send You Trash and take your money hustle hustle hustle the poor always bite the bellend the rich have no heart that's why they're Rich If you want money cut your heart out if you wanna keep your soul it's gonna take a lot of tears the world is beyond unfair hard knocks and it's highly insensitive   It ain't easy to Buck the fuck Up when You're getting slaughtered, gutted and re-routed at every fuckun' turn poisoned by the suck and strain One must conjure the humor of Shakespeare One must dance in the lightning between God and the Devil and somehow not give two shakes You gotta fake yourself out to the Grave for to take it Head ON is Anti Productive Learn the whispered poetry of Indian Summer Rain learn the song of nowhere simmer in between the wolf jaws We All lose the warmth of family sometimes at the first sometimes late in life... The Answer is to let the dead glow in your heart and guide you to greatness... Life...the saddest thing is to ever get born... and the greatest adventure that makes devils and angels jealous as shit shine, shine, shine, sing the blues and chop down mountains We are one tribe against nations of Hypocrisy and madness Trample them under your boots, Rise up and over the skulls of the dumb There is no track there is only Sunrise justice This Soul is Not for Sale Come Hell or high water Burn for Yourself and lend a hand to the helpless but first make sure yer tied to a firm base Life isn't something to "Get Through" it is a dream to melt into. Take No Hostages Hurt No One... Stay Out of the Mirror... You can't lose what You have already won...Undying Love.
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