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ASK iAN * SUNSET STRIP REVIEW – Words by Marisa Rose Ficara ( Reporter of the Year )

Defeated crowd members elbowed their way to catch Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on the West Stage. Breaking into their first song off their new album Specter At The Feast, 1004923_10151838595799612_903224814_n for many, this was the first time hearing rock music since entering the strip. The crowd sang along, “I’m not proud of it, too proud of it / but I’m fine, just fine with it”– dark lyrics for a black leather-clad triad of musicians who exemplify the perfect sound of modern rock and classic roll onstage. Those in the crowd unfamiliar with BRMC were thrown away watching female drummer Leah Shapiro put on an amazing show from her kit. Lead singer and guitarist Nick Jago nickjago   revived the strip and reminded all why they were all there: to “spread your love” on the Sunset Strip. 162660_174609312563624_100000436680882_491331_4713672_n       MARISA ROSE SHOULD HAVE NO TROUBLE FINDING WORK REPORTING FOR THE NME*    
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