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Ask iAN * Take the money and blow that popsicle stand


Gather ye Rosebuds while ye may...wait a minute...did you say Iowa?
Move away to Joshua Tree...allow me to ponder this for just a sec

No...let us be realistique for a minute...

Stay in Iowa...rarely see ya kids...but there is lots of corn...and corn whiskey...
In the summer, you can catch corn toads and corn snakes and in the some corn flakes...
There is whittling wood into little figurines...get yer little buck knife out and whittle a mini coffin, whittle a wooden snake
hell...whittle a little dancing penis...Iowa...or Joshua Tree...and creative back to lots of cops there?
Got yer University...ya basketball...and ya sportsbars and bingo parlours...maybe even a snooker hall...ya got something like a Piggly Wiggly
and ya got to have an Applebees....Iowa....

Ah HELL Naw!

Joshua Tree hands down
hands fuckun' down
keep the buck knife and sell off ya junk
junk the rest
and be on yah way...

You can ALWAYS come BACK to Iowa
but you don't ALWAYS get offers to GO to Joshua Tree...and when Opportunity knocks, don't wait for your imaginary friend to open the door...get up, kick the door off it's hinges and grab opportunity by the throat and shake it till it turns Golden.

Three things to remember in Joshua Tree

1.  Avoid the Heroin
2.  Never leave your drinks with strangers to drop in date rape dust
3.  Watch out for vipers....Snakes and People too....

Plus you'll be closer to Los Angeles...and you know about the music needs a good swift kick in the cock that is cockrawk...

Seize the Day. sister
C'mon take the money and Run!

and please...

Believe in yourself
like I believe in YOU

and if I haven't made myself clear...please



I'd wish you Luck but you don't need it...use your
skills and wit and keep your mind about you



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