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Being a half arsed seer i don't always know what the visions mean. I got to L.A. last week sometime and when i do not know. I went to a dear friend's flat and reached into the old book collection we once shared and found an old photography book on the doors and i looked through the photographs and cried a little cause she still had the book after all these golden years....and then i located no one here gets out Alive and thumbed through that for about 3 days...i wound up at Barney's Beanery and got sloshed there twice, i listened to the doors songs and interviews for 2 days or more...i thought about going to Venice but couldn't be arsed with the bus instead i just ran at cars quite a few times during the midnight hours...and returning back to San Francisco i heard from a friend that Ray had died Today...on my Grandfather's Birthday who is also up and in the ether...i just felt hurt...when i was a boy, i first saw the book no one here gets out alive in Wichita Kansas at a now defunct and dead bookstore called black cat bookstore....and i thought Jim Morrison in sweaty red and yellow was a prisoner of war and it made me sad for him....and my Mother told me no...this man sings of the the Elvis man....and i remember smoking cigarettes for real with my now terminated and dead best friend Stu...listening to Alive She Cried...The doors changed my life on more than 2000 occasions....i want to say Thank You Ray...and although it feels too soon...You're probably right on time Ray...Light my fire? You burned the roof off the joint big brother....bless yer spirit...and Thank You friend* iAN San Francisco 5/21/2013923003_552940901424340_874649536_n   tumblr_mau9laZb2i1qah7kyo1_500
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