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10565724_10202420707788621_577991095_nborn in Minneapolis in 1975, raised in Hibbing, Minnesota just a few blocks from Bob Dylan's childhood home. always doodled as a kid, but never really cared about it. 12 years old and i had an epiphany, realized i wanted to become a great comic artist and practiced obsessively for several years after that. moved to Minneapolis, the frozen tundra of Fargo, North Dakota and then, in 1998, to Springfield Missouri of all places and have been there ever since. oh well, shit happens. I'm a family man, married with 3 kids. stay at home dad by day/comic creator by night. i've self published and barely distributed my own comicks, The Eavesdropper Cafe, Back Alley Hero, and Battle of the Sea Titans (which i created with my kids). i've actually had my shit together enough to illustrate a 200+ page graphic novel called Narcoleptic Sunday, published by Oni Press, and four all ages Star Wars graphic novels for Dark Horse Comics. created Head Medicine in 2012, a resource of sights and sounds that inspire me, and oftentimes interviews with the creators who make them. a print edition of Head Medicine is planned, and various comic projects, large and small, are in the works. plans for the future bordering on delusion, but with hard work and 100% commitment, it can all be achieved. everything up to this point has been practice. time to get to work and create a body of work to be proud of. aabbakojakaabbakojak210292497_10202049730274415_6730542943300377902_n10357840_10201977793836049_4098404925138449573_n1557284_10201966756240116_6214542567039640788_o10365987_10202190370110323_8171686283149974237_napf final test RGB10559176_10202403129949186_433445575_n
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