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To get right to the point, we feel like we knew them because in a way they were us ourselves.   We are universal, connected as one structure broken off into many different people and names.  Imagine an androgynous giant gingerbread body of both sexes.  Imagine it crushed into millions of pieces...we are of those millions of crumbs...and we all come from different areas of the broken body.  You and those you've mentioned, came from the heart of the body.  George Bush Sr. & Jr are crumbs from the dickhead/bellend region of the body...and i say...It's good to come from the heart.  If you are truly cursed/ are a person welded together from part mind and part heart... .*

As for me...I came from a pinch of heart
a pinch of feminine mind & odor
and sprinkled with quite a sugar dollop of ravenous Asshole.
Somebody got ta play the part... .

It's all kinda like when you were little...and perchance like me you thought things and people would get better with time...but the more you grew the more you witnessed just how fucked it all got year after year... and it was less glimmer, less shine...and lots of dullardry, ignorance, violence and mediocrity... .  Oh Joy.

So these people that you mentioned... they were not so much as they were unique and at the same time actually quite normal due to the circumstances...this strange situation that is them/us  being a biological creature of this whole thing we call life. 

These people seem odd to others because in a way...they represent how we were supposed to be...but not as we are and that scares people sometimes...

I remember back in the past walking up to people that were not homeless...just everyday people that may have looked to me like they were troubled by something and i walked up to them and tried to give them a 20 dollar bill.  You wouldn't believe how many people actually ran away from me.  Some thought i wanted something and I did.  I wanted to do something kind, for no reason, for somebody else.  It just freaked them out...because we have been so conditioned to be skeptical of kindness and at the same time...taught how to limit our's a topsy fuckun' turvy world...people were more happy to let me bum a cigarette off of 'em.  Try to give 'em 20 bucks?  They either wanna fight or run...fuckifiknow*

I know what you are saying...give me that 20 bucks buster!

well fuck off

i ain't got it.

I will take your trash out or help you move...just give me a few days notice in advance please.

We dig these people because they tended to call it like it is.

The masses ARE rather frightwig
Animals have feelings TOO
and beats money, power and illusion
hands down

Yes, even rich idiots give up the ghost sooner or later...there is no fountain of youth for foul fuckers.

The world around us is mostly diluted by conformity...and not in the essence of it leaning towards beauty, kindness or individuality.
The world loathes free that old boy saying...something about if you are still an idealist by the time you reach the age of 30 then yer a cunt...or if yer not a republican by the time you reach the age of 30 yer a real knob...and i say fuck those people right in their spineless fannypack papsmear violence blood cash robes.

I'd rather die on the highwire of confused faith for a make believe Jesus
than for a liar in the white house waving a flag and drinking the wine blood of  humanity.

The great thing about these people you've mentioned is something like this...

People like Robert, Peter and Leah?

These are people that i would have been drawn to even if they were not in a band.
If i met Peter as a co-worker at a petrol filling station and he was the other petrol attendant, i still would have wanted to be his friend
and bring him along with me to the keg party on Saturday night...
Robert would be the dude that i wanted to exchange books with and talk bullshit philosophy at the bar with...
and somebody that i would've went to mohawk punk shows with after drinking her Mom's wine and somebody that would
probably tag along with me when i tried to score a dimebag.

Jeff Buckley was somebody that you would meet at a comedy club, both of you being new waiters...and getting drunk with whilst trying to serve the nouveau riche clientele* while falling flat on your face, then getting fired and kicked out on your balls.

I've never liked a famous person for their fame...i liked them based on what they were on about...and did their minds bloom? 
I digged 'em from a standpoint of what they stood on about....their passions...their plights...their hearts...where they came from inside....sense of humor...a consideration for others and not just themselves...the kind of people i like are those who can do two things at get high while at the same time feeding a homeless person.
I tend to migrate towards those with big hearts...and yes...most of them are artist...not politicians...that would be an oxymoron.  Politician with a heart....

Don't get me wrong...i don't mind that Robert is famous...and the good thing about it is that i know...deep down...that at anytime i am with him...
he will front me 5 dollars and 73 cents for a pack of smokes.  Shux*

Elliott Smith was another one of those people...and i know your question was mostly about the dead ones...but there are a lot of good alive ones...famous and not famous...

You are one of those people.

The person reading this is a Jeff Buckley heart.

You got Bobby from the Warlocks

JSpaceman from Spiritualized

Kp from Spindrift

and loads of my FB friends...not famous, maybe someday, cut from the same cloth...

and of course that old sweetheart dark horse...Mark Lanegan

What's in YOUR Wallet?

FUCK YOU PAL...who gives a shit.

What's in your HEART?!

The music these people write and share with us...the films they choose (like Johnny Depp)'s not an comes from a beautiful place...from generous people...Nick Drake on the other hand...suffered so bad he couldn't even accept his own goodness...poor cat...and it was so bad that it was in medical land...and it's sad to admit that not everyone with a talent or kindness can be saved...

surround yourself with good natured people...maybe people who don't have all the answers but are ready to love you bad enough to kick your ass into loving yourself.

I feel lucky to have read many great authors...and feel blessed to hear and feel better from the music others had to struggle just to put into music and relate it and get it out to us....

I also hate to admit though that the greater part of me would have rather seen somebody like Elliott Smith have a longer richer life unto himself than have ever shared a note of musical work with me....I am thankful for what he gave and his music at times has led me to help another human being...nothing was in vain.  I am just not so as selfish to have wanted his music more than i wanted for his well being...that's just me...or is it.

Bad people make the world go around....just not my world.

Those musicians and writers etc...dead or alive...their work...helps us through the days..the long dark nights of the soul...through the years...
and it is a cruel world in which we unravel....and good works are nourishment....

Like a cat giving you a head bonk when you are blue and alone
or a dog that doesn't judge you when you feel horrible about a mistake you made...
or like a deep dark blue night full of Rain and something beautiful fucking your brains out by the you take it while dreaming in the back of your head "Someday i will be dead"......

We are the few
the not so proud

we are the dreamers.

I don't know if i answered your question or not...or even what the fuck just happened...i got an incoming call from a shaman on the other line...gotta split for now...bless your heart and please...hurry up and get famous....i might need a pack of smokes sometime soon...cheers*


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