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      tumblr_mc0dk6rmYv1qf1unno1_500Everything in Vain. Lookin' 4 a Crib at Resthaven Cemetery. Death passes the savings onto You... The End of Taxes, the high cost of insurance and vitamins, and the amount of grams you save in "give a fucks" is astounding. I shake my meat in the Lion's den i wave farewell to your bland menu i shake my Father's hand in the gone light i knew my rules and i did not shy away... Life gives You practice at what you could not breathe, preach, nor live...Life gives You everything, You never needed or ever never wanted, a cool smile here, a backpat there...all the days we killed...have we done ourselves Proud, Mama? The Best Part About losing is that there is finally time to snooze without a snooze clock. The future did it's job and weighed me down...pudged me up with heavy hate left my jaw cold and my hands hollow i could not fight for to kill that stronghold would be to forfeit the prize of Loss A Headache behind my right eye The Celebration of the Lost Lift an unbaptized drink to the scrawny sold out slums of Heaven Lift the Gift of of an abominable, should've been aborted Life to the alcohol free slick Heavens...Lift a Glass...and bulge yer eyes at the reflection of Life's Sexy Ass Walking away from You, much like a hooker with no perfume waltzing your wallet forever away from You.             / © Anna Malmberg
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