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    i wanted to move purple mountains and make God proud to be my maker then i saw Lincoln's empty top hat and knew the battle was forever lost i abuse myself so i couldn't haul ass like a cheetah I wanted to roll slow dice in the fractured rains as the wealth of the country ranches went down in flames Certain nights you want to eat your hands like Goya, wishing for something to hush the brain now that silence is a novelty act, something you can only remember but never hear again The Sun radiates no sound the beach boys cut it for most the moon sounds like a victrola or the happy face of a girl Valentines do not Return unless coffin exhumed killing ourselves over paper the illusions of control Once we were wild as the River now we're boxed up tightly nice as a cell phone wrapper bar coded consuming fully loaded Too tight to water colour Wound Up broken watches Eagles with nothing to grasp Driving to the mall only to forget what we came for I'm gonna listen to the sea shells tonight instead of the computer and hear with my eyes by candle light talk like dog eyes move slow like sunrise i am Wall St. Free i am the purple mountains of the blood and bone that came before me i don't need a gun to talk like the Sun i am a guitar i am a motor i am the burning pages i am the stars that ignite this room leaving teardrops like Johnny left seeds nothing is OK and that is OK i don't wanna make history instead i'll make soft moments alive forever in the soft flicker in your eye melt away like a snowflake drunk as a honey bear calm as a medicine man mean as a River clean as silver warm as Home Your Destiny Awaits You...  
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