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Ask iAN * The Grave, The Womb, The bright hereafter, the rebirth of gentle Light & Life…(A message from Robert Levon Been)*

 Feelin' up mother nature.

She needed a little good feelin', somethin' to make her feel like a woman again.

She wants it all, but she's all I want.
She sings to me when all the cities clock out, and leaves me when trouble knocks low.

I tried to steal from her but she told me no, I tried to beg for my soul she just laughed and let go.

Still piercing stars and silent moon they mock me, they don't want to share her anymore.

I can't make her see it's them or me, i can't stand in the vacant shadow of  pale eyed moon, the midnight walker, the half light dream
I will visit her in the night and make them watch her with me, a foul creature another half breed, but it is her blood that darkens me, not theirs.

She will be mine, or I will raise hell to the tops of heaven's eyes,
and make them all as blind to love as I.

Robert Levon Been - 8/25/2011
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