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Maybe it was God or the devil, or the Government, or Greyhound bus line, or even me that granted me the cursed blessing of tinnitus about 9 months ago a little electric baby in my ear that cries 24 hours a day and prevents me from a healthy sleep and roughly everything i do in my's beyond Awesome...and there is no escape...especially in that dark place i once hibernated in called deep sleep...but really there is no escape for any of Us... No man is an Island, really?  You sawed off motherfucker, get back in line with the twat that told us not to sweat the small stuff like a shoe string that breaks and sends us flying 13 stories down outside the hotel window, fuckun' Wizard.  Which brings me to the Great big All End All fucking Escape...there is no Escape...there is no escape from the Mother, the Father, the Googled Here'After...No Escape from the Hellfire Above and the frozen below, or the parking lots at the mall, Best Buy, City Hall and all the Hospitals in the world...if Doktors were really good at what they were doing, which is improving your health...then why are you unable to find a parking space? There is no Escape from the coffin, your brother the war freak, bad blood, bad blogs or an IKEA that needs puked In...There is no Great Escape for Actors of the Gilded Age or Modern Thinkers hatched in the bronze Age, what is All the Rage? There is no Escape from this Death hurled cage...God biting at your ass through people who nip at you like piranhas, only to die and go to Heaven where you find God is your boss for eternity or his cheap skate son he worshiped and gave him free rent in a luxurious bachelor pad so he could get his ya yas' out on butchering , fucking, molesting and cold whipping cruel fuckers after they've been embalmed or cremated and dropped into Hell or shot into Heaven to walk streets of Gold while being nice in white tennis ball clothing made of polyester and angel spat....There is no Great Escape, You leave one job for another, one wife for another, another husband in exchange for another husband and then get another cat after the other cat died, and another dog, another bird, another snake, another religion, another best friend, another favorite band, another, another, another, cause Nobody can Escape your Great Loyalty...There is no escape from the dentist, as You brush your teeth with rat poison powder, or Q-tip your ear just to gain Lemmy bat unwanted Sonar...There is no escape from the grasp of the dead, the I.R.S. the F.B.I. the C.I.A. the K.G.B. or McDonald's, KFC, TACO BELL and M.K. ULTRA No Great Escape from the Hospital fandango, American Death Culture TV, rank pussy concaving the streets of Detroit, Atlanta, or Ipswich, Kansas...Everybody getting double timed, double dildo'd, twin fucked by All the easy angles...from the East and from the West, Father knows best, Mother knows best, when neither one know nuthin'...There is no Great Escape, ya crawl from your shared bedroom to a pool-hall to a dorm and take a boat to Europe or Maybe America into a hostile, a YMCA, into the arms of a whore, a wombat, a park bench, an armpit, into the pants of a reptile to get off the wet streets, just to wind up in the flabby arms of a strain gun, or the eye sight of an evil one...or even worse, jail for a night, 3 days, 12 months, 6 years or even a million...and then into the paws of a rogue attorney, or a headache from the Sun Itself...into the jaws of animals whose bite is bigger than it's bark....There is no escape as we pour the whiskey, the music, the bath water, the healing hands all over ourselves like water trying to wash off fire...there is No Great Escape and laugh like there is...our breakable bones, our big ol' dreams the dead laugh at us for having...our banks big or small still leave us as ourselves...we hide in theaters, we hide out at raves, under blankets, we bury our heads into books, into facebooks, into youtube socks, into concerts that turn our stomachs into confetti and our pussies into tampon spitters...There is no Great escape with a cock going into You and building a baby that is gonna make a nest inside of your whole...that needs you to double your feed, so it can escape from your once disco, now poor house crotch, and even though they cut the chord, there will always be a link that cannot be severed forevermore...cause there is no Great the ghost of the father haunts the halls of your museum mind and your tyrannic Mother haunts the abortion halls, your vaginal walls, your bank account skulls...and the kid can't cope...the sky comes in as the earth pushes UP and the sidewalks come in at all angles in a fish eye lens sucker punch...There is no great escape from bad food, bad music, bad people, bad advice, bad moons....and corruptible incorrigible  sunsets...there is no great escape...not in a BLUR record, not in assisted suicide, not in Hospice, Hotels, or Hot Spices from the land of Voo-Doo...The worms and flies, the devil in God's disguise all await You...the dead friends you can't bring back...they all wait...there is No Great hero of the hour, no preacher of power, no neo philosophical electricity that devours all the bad you can escape into the Great...there is no great escape young pick up your tooth and pencil and your worthless star credentials, get in line with the bovine pine box burlap, crushed skull, dog forgotten, lime like, pipe spiked escapeless tv deflated eyes.

I don't need a mirror to look inside myself to find the great heart was always a house and a home...the great escape is inwards, where all the Love You were taught by elders and friends and lovers never leaves you...dive in backwards when You go...the great escape that nothing can hold you beautiful bird sing of a thing.
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