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ASK iAN * The Real ASK iAN

Photobucket Ask yourself why people like this are not up for President of the United's fairly fuckun' simple, so save your Lies* Sal Dimiceli is a real estate businessman from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin who writes a column on charity for the Lake Geneva Regional News. Dimiceli's column, The Time is Now to Help, has been likened to a "a 'Dear Abby' for the down and out", but is perhaps more akin to the Percy Ross column, Thanks a Million. The column features letters from people in economic distress; Dimiceli selects families to visit, stocks their refrigerator, pays off their outstanding utility bills, and then provides the family with some financial counseling to help them avoid such difficulties in the future. Dimiceli's work has been featured in national media, and he was named a "CNN Hero". Look on your voting ballot...see anybody like this? Ask YOURSELF WHY? Because you've been lied been cheated... Know Thy Fucking Score, Sons & Daughters!
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