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Ask iAN the Revelator

I have noticed one thing concurrent in many of the questions sent in (by the way thank you) to Ask iAN, and i have noticed one Major regularity.
Dissatisfaction with Modern Life and the way things are.  Well, welcome to the fold.


The bad people are seeing that Good people that have been Loyal are getting wind of BULLSHIT.

When people get smart, that's a bad thing for bad people.

If you wanna keep people under your control you do it through vice not beauty.

People are thirsty for beauty once again...and the bad people keep trying to cover us all up with their dreary sand of blandness...Some violence should have happened a long, long time ago...but what we are only beginning to understand is that all along we have been pitted against one another...fuckun' duped, fuckun' played and fuckun' bribed and sold out....scuse me...i mean SOLD THE FUCK OUT.

Just like a parent wants a better life for their children
Well, there is a force out there that acts like a parent
but manipulates you at every turn, with red white and blue stars and stripes in their black eyes, that does NOT want the best for you, knows you only by your social security number...and to them you are only a slave ATM machine that spits out cash when you're asked to...and the way to keep it not through enlightenment, but disinformation, regurgitation, and keeping it real simple...stupid.

Weaved all through out the world are people like do the day to day...but inside you are a burning free Radical.
Oh...a few boos from the gallery!
Just look through History...who gets shit done?
Hitler and Dick Cheney or a pack of long hairs with some scribbled ON signs spouting words of Peace and Love
well it ain't the latter, buster.

There ain't no Trick into taking your Country back from Evil hands...but distractions lead to putting off what should be done today instead of put off for another 50 years and given to our Grand children....and those distractions are electronic + eyes/brain waves = dumb Wow.

I don't wave any flag.
If you gotta flag for the Symbol of Spirit
then I will flag that upon High...but there isn't a flag for that...
there is just personal individual freedom, baby.

Thank the Godz that we die at the end of this Gig.  Who in their right fucking mind would want to be a Vampire and live through all the Centuries of bullshit and lies?
Not me, bubba.

To get straight to your question by now...Jesus... the music industry is fucking in havoc and the few good artist now must fin for themselves and keep their boots kicking.  Every good goddamned Artist that ever waltzed down the path of the music industry has learned that evil loves to tweak the knobs and pull the chords and manipulate the show...too many fingers in the poontang of Majik.  Back in the 50's or some such shite...the mafia had tie ins with Radio and who would be the Godfather...

Look at Rolling Stone Magazine covers in the 60s and look at them now.  You wanna talk about sold out?  It's not even about selling's more about staying up with the times and the fads and it's all worse than TIGER BEAT magazine (i liked to jerk off to that rag back in the day...) but there is definitely an Agenda going on here, troops! 

Nickleback and Seether?

No Comment.

These are the days of Money and the sweet croon of the Devil

and these are the days when the only option
to Look
Beautiful Self
for the Answers
They are all there, right inside of your glowing godawesome Heart.

At the End of the day
end of the World
we have All the Music we have ever needed.
I welcome new and young strong bands the likes of Big Kettledrum, Ringo Deathstarr, The Cult of Dom Keller, The black Ryder, but seriously to Hell with the modern rubbish they pollute us with on an everyday basis....turn off your Radio and your TV and take a little time to suss out the sweet heart plucked sounds...of the new sweet souls.

My days are washed over
I live loyal
to my loves
Nick Cave
Mark Lanegan
Hank Williams Sr.
The Cult
Nina Simone
Patsy Cline
Waylon Jennings
Curtis Mayfield
Miles Davis
My Bloody Valentine
The 360's
Cat Power
Mozart & Beethoven
Elliott Smith
The Black Angels
Howlin' Wolf
Old Verve
and Skip James
and if i kept ON a typin' my fingers would turn to bloody bone....there is so many I love.

You Have everything you need
Ignore modern rubbish, put on your horse blinders and put your i-pod earfones in
and listen to the past
flowers will bloom in sweet honey baby Yellow
purple will dance with your feet like kisses from the unfrozen rose petal ocean
and earth will be your good sister again
and ghost will still fuck with you
but it keeps the devil at bay as well...

Listen to the music before you came to fruit
listen to your heart
listen to the halls of time and it's sweet Honey music
forget about today
it's a bloody lost cause.

good love to you and yours always, Tony

thank you....


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