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ASK iAN * THE ROAD IS LONG…. .* He was a friend...he was a suicide too... i sometimes think i feel his hot hand on my tattoo...where his name is sadly engraved into my arm... i like to sleep i like to steal away i like to let my mind drift i like to drive away... Suicide is leaving others to clean up after you...i know you don't care about the's just our hearts in a blender. We all feel fuckun' down lower than the birds of Heaven could ever fucking what. Beat the wooden desk, set fire to the wardrobe...i wanna die too but i don't perhaps i am stubborn The Good Lord knows that it ain't the jollies that keep me here.... BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB was born to give a home to the disenchanted... we dont come here because we glitter we dont come here because we took first prize in the best looking dog show... this is the lower nether regions of the outcast the unyielding and no sir...i am NOT Obedient. i am sick of fear i am tired of the myths my hands are golden and swollen i never wanted to win your prizes and the roar of being alone is deafening... i came here because there was no other choice it could have been a dagger it could have been a noose it could have been a handgun Instead i picked up a guitar. When i feel sick i play music when i feel sick i write words when i feel sick i smash my hand into the laundry machine and THEN pick Up a pen and write more blackened and disturbing words... i am not here to collect your pension... i am not here to receive your ultimatums... i am not here to win your ribbons, your trophies, your badges... i Am Here to burn with the Eagles run with the wolves spit suicide out like dandelion puffs... Here to test the gravity for nothing less than Love Bottom Line is QUIT killing yourselves because the dumb in power are dumb... Quit looking for disclosure on things your heart and brain already know to be True Sometimes we can be our own worst bully and that has got to Stop. Quit second guessing yourself... If People that suck hate You Then goddamnit Understand once and for All that you are on the right track... It get's better my Ass. It doesn't get better it gets stupider and therefore you have to be cooler than you already fucking well Are... If a mountain comes to tear down your frame explode it from the bottom Up if a woman doesn't dig yer pony leave her and let the next sucker lose his mind... If you get with somebody ( a man) who wants to change everything about you then remain the same and kick him out the door and allow HIM to change... If you get picked on in the school a motherfucker 40 bucks to whip the shit out of your stalker...... when people hate you they are envious.... because they hate the freedom you display as you are being yourself.... kill yourself? we doubt it. Not in this Lifetime...... Maybe i'm off track, maybe i am off the course... i think about suicide everyday...most thinkers Do. This is the 3rd suicide close to a friend in a month and a half...and i am sick of all the Good people checking out.... Some say it is selfish... in a way, i suppose it is....until we have lived in their boots..... but at the same time.... Not Everyone was meant for this sad as that fackt is.... it's not that their skin wasn't durable enough or that they couldn't hack it....more like they wouldn't hack it...just not their fucking gig.... whatever it all means... i pray to the lords and the godz that you stick around cause i don't wanna be the only cunt on the corner tough enough to stick it out.... I grew up around suicide.... Kevin, Darren, Glenn, S.W, Ashley, M, and the list goes ON........... cut it Out fucker WALK THROUGH THE FIRE we're down in the electric blood hurt dirt with You. Until the End. Go Down WHEN AND ONLY WHEN you Go Johnny Cash Motherfucker. And don't Get Me Wrong...i miss my friends and their lives...but you know who gives a shit? No One... So Fucking What... i do. an that's all that counts angel motherfucker.* There's a HOTLINE for those who are feeling suicidal....but instead of calling someone who doesnt know you...maybe you should dial your own heart..... ain't nobody else in the world like you....never was, never will are fucking rockawesome* Love yourself like i love you....ya motherfucking star.....grit your teeth, hit the streets and shine god damned sweet heart* motherfucker. Photobucket
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