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ASK iAN * The simple dream we left behind


They outgrew true fun...simple high just wasn't enough to ride the wind under the sun

now they are all electromagnetic virtual cubical little karate cubes

partially aerosol

Photobucket 2 thirds pro life

monster cola anti smoker orange and magnolia diet rite rockand rollas...*cough

baby Trons

mega block buster and empty at Heart

Photobucket sweet metal daffodils & fake angelic Motorola Droids All Oblivious to
The Fasci on the haus wall...and
on the back of a dime

Idol worship

Photobucket lapping up apps
needing helmets to protect skulls that were never taught the use of elbows...
new pro chumps
retro t shirts
visionless remakers
pro trendz*

Photobucket robotique bubblegum yuth

smells like teen apathy*

and i yield back the balance of my time...Motherfuckers*

Photobucket a phone is a wallet i.d. gamez social security clearance bank account fingerprintz medical insurance information holder drivers license dental records disco source beeper prescription alert buzzer vibrating dildo camera gun ruler balancer binoculars GPS unit tracking system and someday you'll beg for water and a tree swing
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