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ASK iAN * -the war is over, let the battle begin- Robert Levon Been

Photobucket     We wrapped in the studio today. The album was officially completed and wrapped in the studio on 12-12-12 and of course it would be today of all days. The mystical day of 3-3-3, as if any other day would've suited it.   How could i have been so presumptuous to ever think otherwise. This has been one of the most insane, hectic last couple weeks of my life, and that's saying a lot. We've been fighting against this deadline for months now and Peter only literally finished the final lyrics to one of the last songs on the record a few hours ago. So it all built up to this moment. Not a moment too late... and not a moment too soon god damn i need a drink. Robert Levon Been 12/12/12   4:46 AM
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