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ASK iAN * There…I have Spoken my Peace*


Last Election i predicted who would win.
I also predicted more of the same.
There were no lesser of two evils so i did not vote, I just predicted the winner.
This election is not a lesser of two evils
it is Good v.s. 4 evils
it's cut and dry
a no brainer
you should be big enough now to know the difference between
a glass of ice water and four dixie cups of poison
you should be big enough now to know the difference between a hundred dollar bill
and a square of bog roll
This is the last chance boat in the storm
you had better get ON board

I don't wanna say i told you so....Again.

*The view and opinion i express is in no way associated or affiliated with BRMC
i just want to stand my ground because i love people and want the best for us ALL.

We had better get it right this time...or like Pilate i will wash my hands, because when the people get it wrong
those who did not get it wrong, still suffer what ignorance has selected.*

The tattoo on my chest reads "the new seers" not "stupid dickhead". Cheers*

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