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Ask iAN – This Majik Moment




Sister Flo

I have found no advantages in living either of those ways.
When i've lived like there would be no tomorrow, I've often found myself

In Jail

and when i live and plan for the future, things don't seem to pan out, cancelations are made due to changed plans
and non refundable tickets have been swallowed like a sandwich i never ordered or wanted...made of a dirty lobbed off seagull tit.

Perhaps it is best when we don't think too much about the past and not too much about tomorrow. 

I have heard it said that if you really want to hear God laugh, then announce your plans.

It isn't easy reflecting too much about the past and some of the better days you may have had and it ain't easy to not want to race into better days that you long to find down the road...

Being in the moment is strange as well
because you are in the past the present and the future all at once...every second

Time is a mad thing
how it drags when there is sweet fuck all happening or you are at school or work and the last hour is slower than pushing a motorcycle up hill in the sand when it's out of petrol

Time races when you are in the arms of your lover and you've a plane to catch in an hour...and it races for me when I am in the company of B.R.M.C.  or at the pub with friends or that last 10 minutes you beg for after hitting the snooze button...those mintues play out faster than the flash of lightning itself

As long as I can remember i've been fond of a saying my Father uses, which is Let's play it by ear, which in other words... should the plans we've made come to fruition, then brilliant and if they don't then we won't get our tits in a bundle

I really do my best to just do the next right thing and sometimes even with the best intentions i end up mucking everything up so horridly that i can make people wind up on the verge of mental collapse, threatening lawsuits and speaking in tongues only the devil could translate...  A lot like what it was like back in the old days with Nick Jago...( Just Kidding Nick!  It's a joke )

I find it healthy sometimes to remember the dead
and to think of all the people young and old in Hospital right now
and people that are ill and those that are chained to a life that they do not wish to live
and the constant suffering around the world...and when i think of all those people i do my best to be thankful for all my highs and lows, all my good and bad times, thankful for the yesterdays, thankful for a chance at tomorrow and thankful for RIGHT NOW...even if it's not exciting at that moment or during the hours.

Just to read a book and be lucky enough to indulge in a short nap or
to have the time to daydream or wank or write a song, walk down the road and gaze at the blue moon...and do my best to stick around, cause even tho tomorrow could wind up complete shite...there is also a good chance it could be full of the good majik.

be here NOW

good health and good love to you Flo
& anyone else reading this


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