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Hate the Taste was filmed in Texas during the Austin Psych Fest last April. A live performance video based on the band’s “mutual aesthetic and appreciation of vintage, analog sounds and images” here’s what B.R.M.C. vocalist and guitarist Robert Levon Been has to say about it. 375727a68ddf42fafc061b08639225f8c70fce "Transistor Six believes in shooting most of their film and photography with classic, vintage film cameras and creating more organic visual effects rather than using the typical modern digital bullshit that of course makes life way easier, but also more clean and predictable. We liked their concept of contrasting those two worlds, which is, in a lot of ways, the spirit of what the Festival is all about. Playing Psych Fest just became the perfect time and place to work together to try to capture the song and the feeling in the air at that moment. I hope people like what we’ve made by merging all these different elements together." - Babe Shadow - 1582ebcc6e4a88e1011bcddf94e90e72f0011e 46b4946b588aa840e29803e1c42504b60307a6
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