Much Like You
We’ve Returned…
Running Ourselves Into the Ground
Much Like You
They give us the heart from the Clinic
they leave us to our own metal Rewards
Repair the boots
jut out the demons
Chewing on the pain straps
just like you
and I Run
with my Bandung Hum
I am Haunted with you
I wanna look backwards
but know that is Only
A Lost Chase
I take my sorrow
down to new places
I understand how the world works now…

Size up this Flash
my blood seeks a new found path
my heart is still back with you somewhere…

We are always Arriving
We are always leaving…

put on this Electric Guitar
tell me lies
little brothers and sisters
tell me moar Lies

I’m not here
I’m some script writing out bone memory
Love from Home
You see this new Road?

Meet You there Quick
Get off your Excuse
Get Out Here On Me in the Now Night