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ASK iAN * Why Donate to Corporate Personhood Lickers when you can Help House of Dolls!

If you could give an angel wings then wouldn't you? Photobucket If you could keep a plane from crashing wouldn't you mentally steer it towards the moon? Nothing feels better than helping a friend out and putting the guitar into lock, and opening the windows to set rock and roll free for us all to walk and float in....Please take a little time to Help keep Rock and Roll Healthy.... Photobucket 10 euros/greenbacks won't crash your future...but it will make it shine better Love and Thanx in Advance - I donated...and I'm broke, so what's yer fuckun' excuse? Good Deeds come back 70 fuckun' Fold* Photobucket Rock and Roll* PLEASE follow the link below and donate what you can to help get this vision into the'll get some other worldly rock and roll, yer kindness will find you again in the future...and i will buy you a pint of fuckun' cider with some purple juice init and get you swirled, next time i run into you....cheers.... I LOVE MY SISTERS AND BROTHERS OF IRELAND *** ALWAYS*
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