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ASK iAN * Wishing You a Warm and Healthy Holiday Spirit

Photobucket Photobucket I don't care what Religion you roll yourself in or the name of your God/Godz or what Holiday Names you use or what Holidays You Do or Don't Celebrate At this time of Year and Always I wish to send You the Best of Health, Good Love, Prayers on Fire to those under the weather, strength to those who feel low, vision to those who seek beauty over mediocrity, and Good Luck to All...and bless Us All...Everybody It's not what You Get...It's what You Give and that doesn't mean Money Gifts All Your Time or All Your Heart Give what Little You can if You have Little and Give a little more if You have Lots...and bless All Yer Hearts Many Thanx to You All 333 iAN Extra Special Thanx to my BRMC FAMILIA and LEMMY Photobucket
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