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ASK iAN * You can’t be idealistic your whole life, except to yourself*

It's no longer enough for me to be one person, I decided to be everyone. i decided to be a genius. - Rimbaud Photobucket

Life is not a

dog bowl

Your body shouldn't be used as a

trash compactor

There is all the time in the world to be a slob
but never enough time to be Great...
How does one go about being Great?
Great is doing for others, even if it puts you out of your a way a fraction...
Great is listening to your inner wisdom and putting it into play as long as nobody gets killed...
Great is thinking collectively on a whole that supports everyone, it's not a "Me" thing...
Rimbaud lived for himself but wrote what he wrote in the hopes that it would land in the laps of silver future kids...and it was done.
Like a soldier picking up another soldier that has been wounded instead of just hauling balls to the nearest foxhole to find God...he lends a hand...that swims through the fires of Hell...guts and gamble

Paradise has a ticket price, nobody rides for free.

Acceptable forms of payments are as listed and not limited to
healthy ideas
and minding your own fucking business unless you are forced to do otherwise
and singing your own tune
on your own road
on the road of gentleness and the road of roaring against circus tyranny
take good care to give a shit about yourself and isn't hard, but it ain't easy either....
Jesus didn't need a church to have compassion and move mountains...he just needed a heart...kind of like YOU.
that and little a Fire*

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