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Ask iAN * You got the Soul


i remember when I was a little kid and I was off to my first day in school.
i had a little red box chok full of pencils, crayons and what not...and a little dog rug to nap on... I loved the smell of gasoline, I thought Abe Lincoln was the man I saw at the cross walk, thunder was not yet then my friend, and all the other kids seemed to know everything like they still act like they do even they know sweet fuck all.

I couldn't get my little mind around the idea of eternity...
one little red 57' Chevy and
one little blue 57' Chevy
driving in circles on Heaven's little cloud cut race track...I couldn't fathom the endless point.
I talked to the graves in the cemetery...but the people buried there never spoke back to give me any clues...they only the wind blowing tumble-weeds down an endless sepia'matique highway...

born never asked*

When yer on the Road
of Life...yer pretty much on yer own...
and in this life, those without solutions will want many answers from you...
They will want to know what you bring to the table when you work for their company even though they are going to be out of business in the next five years leaving you Enron
high & dry...
Some people start a relationship out with you and the first 3 things they do are
1.  Lie
2.  Cheat
3.  Steal

which leaves you one of 3 options...

kill or forgive them.
or give some back.

Forgiveness is the correct answer until it becomes a re'run and then it's best to nip it in the bud and move your horses West to brighter pastures...

Forgive because someday you might need that bit o' mercy yerself...

but if someone has washed their hands of you and doesn't find you exciting anymore...then
fuck 'em*
Life isn't always exciting and too much excitement is a rather dull and ordinary way...I gotta few x girlfriends i could tell ya about...loud, cussing, drinking, shouting, guffawing, ripped up, obscene, and down right a dreadful bore...sometimes you just wanna hold someone's hand and watch birds in a bird bath take a shit under a rainbow.

A relationship is a friendship
you're not a hired bozo the clown there to keep this lepton entertained.  You are not there for his or her are not the elephant man, the harlem globetrotters, or are their companion and if they can't dig your charm and relaxed beauty...let 'em hit the bars and copulate with swine until they get the clap...

You gotta dig yourself first
and listen to your heart, genitals, and mind later...I know
easier said than done
but if you stick around this planet
long enough
it comes to you
cause you get too tired
to jump through the flaming hoops that fools lay out for you.

Some people need to be seen 24/7
some people need to be the life of the party even when the party is over
and these people
need to go away...

The people i keep around me are like an old pair of Levis jeans
they rub off smooth on me like sloe Gin...
they part the waves in much of the same way the Sun relaxes over the Ocean...
I've had my fair share of Lovers that needed to be like Nintindo on Crack...and I donated them back into the world of butt rock, ludes and the shit arsed land of patricide through their tampon static radiated sex daddy blues.*

At the end of the day
if this motherfucker can't worship your landscape
can't dig you for your pony mind
needs added whore'age to get his or her saliva engines brewing
then fuck 'em.
drop 'em like a rattlesnake into the gutter
throw the dirt on their coffin and walk away...
kick 'em to the kurb.*

If you don't respect yourself FIRST & FORMOST

ya got sweet fuck All.  You can't even begin to love if you have no body to house your soul in.

Work on getting to know yourself better
Remember the kinder and cool things about yourself...Jesus...I've been heartbroken too...and everytime i thought the princess of my life (who was a true fucking jerk rag) took off....i thought it was the end of the world...until i took a breath and got back on my bike
turned the corner and found another lover that was far more wonderful... only gets better if you Let It.

If you ain't exciting enough for them, tell 'em to take their sorry ass skull down to the tit bar and have a ball...get trashed...just dont come home when you can't score ya piece ah shit...respect me motherfucker or hit the landmines, ya contaminated cockroach circus fukker.*

If yer just too in love and ya can't leave...and you need to be more exciting...then next time during foreplay...shove a little vaseline up the asshole of this asshole and light a firecracker off in his ass...4th of July style...exciting enough for ya?

One last thing....

Somewhere out in this big ol' world of ours...there is a person just as wonderful as you...and they are wondering where you are and how to meet you.  All YOU gotta do is open the front door of your home and walk out on two strong legs...and don't look...stay strong and full of passion...and they will recognize you...and the rest will be dreamy.*

Exciting...yeah right...some people always want what they can't offer.

Dig Yourself first.* Always.

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