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    Life was always simple Water doesn't need fluoride nor do You. Black People are humans just like whites. Homosexuality is none of your business. People need food and shelter. People don't need to be bombed because the ground they sleep on hovers above oil. WAR should be something in a Museum of Past Ignorance. Marriage should be something performed by words only sung over water...and when a divorce is wanted, the other doesn't have the right to kill the other because no one owns anybody, fackt* Pot is an herb which is not a drone that kills kids Terrorism is akin to a war on air particles... and pathetic... What a woman does with her own body is her own fuckun' choice, no vote...gays in the military is like complaining that your fucking Pizza Hut waitress isn't from Italy... All Politicians, Bankers and Voting is Corrupt down to it's last nut hair, vivisection is pointless cause 4 legs don't equal 2, and math is math...and the taste of the masses has always been wrong, you can find proof of this in the VHS and cassette tape section at any thrift store...where you never find a used copy of Mark Lanegan or Wings of Desire...Time to Press ON*/Forward...Evolve. i knew all this shit in the 4th Grade and now i'm bored and old.
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