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i think what is lost on some people (though not on purpose, perhaps more by distraction) is that in my humble opinion what BRMC truly represnt is the value of True Blue (black) Friendship Just how intricate it it scrapes our innards, ranks our hearts out like wrenched out rags, and test our mettle, leaves chinks in our fragile armor and bruises our souls...yes souls...but in such a fantastical way...forever.  This value of friendship...and how much wear and tear it can truly endure...and it can be abused, pushed to the limits and even bounce back like rubber again...time and time again...and true friendship like love never dies holding each other no matter how many miles, how much distance betwixt Us All...through all the sun summery days...and all the rain that cries down our divan front windows....or alone in radio winter bedroom half moon days...alone but never in the heart friend...and sometimes you can't talk on the phone cause words won't cut it...the same way as tears have no sound These people, these animals, this find yourself in love with someone who walks in the better side of your angel shadow...someone who is the better angel of your nature and instead of hating them or dwelling in the dank House of admire watch them when they think no one is looking at all...You adore the way in which they stride, the flection of their spoken smile, the grace of their hurt hands, miles and hearts...and You would tear the Living throat out of another Living thing that ever laid a paw to a tiny hair on their hushed and sleepy friend...who you would cross angered seas and crawl through Rivers of shit to rescue....You don't find them on every other dime store chinatown corner...and mostly You never find them...for they find YOU.  They needed You like You need Them...don't take them for fucking granted...reflect, pause, take a moment to say a prayer in their name out of the blue on your way to bed...on your way to nowhere...and maybe when You feel most alone...go ahead and remember that even though it doesn't feel like it...right then they are thinking About You too. You weigh heavy on their hearts as well...YOU too are very fucking Important and dear...and You very well goddamned Count...and Your joy is your friend's strength...and your sorrow...their sorrow too...double burdened....double the heavy twin sadness. Love the few, be thankful for your friends...those few that would follow you through hell on a tea'spoon worth of water. and before you let yourself down again...remember that some stupid move might hurt the other...take care of yourself...the same way you look out for your partner....and walk till You both have no shadows. (wink) yes they have power over you as long as it's not abused. Love & Respect, little friends....and Happy fucking Easter. bless yer true black & blue hearts iAN YOUR BIGGEST FAN

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