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ASK iAN * You’re A Sonic Boom

Photobucket i find Nostalgia a cumbersome bore and the Future a Revolting Regret Bang the Drum slowly indeed Only when the crowd breaks off into individuals does the individual digest the true perception a flaccid water stripped tit...milkless of gloss & pumpf* Aghast at all the Life Support Outlets Twit Face and Dead National News Recycled Resucked Repository'rrected Does Thou Callest Me Thankless for i have cast no heart into Modern Silk or Ancient Bilk Knowing the score is half of Moving the Mountain and when the Modern Sisyphus collects the rest of the overdue truth he/she will be far too pissed out to care to Move that Mother fucker of a Lie Let the Judge cast it's cordial stones Let the Mongers mingle with the henchmen of Holy hats and stars that dangle stripes oil IS blood A hunting knife a Spatula an Anvil, a sleeping pill as the center for disease control doses out free samples You should concern yourself with more important constituting the soft shades inside of Golden octagons...or capturing a smile to a smile without a camera...cry because You are Alive not because You are going to d.i.e. good motherfuckin' right On old Jazz knifers, strapped saints, and the whispering kind... The World wasn't meant to be saved it was meant to be dreamt...Our Patience can't last forever...for Christ' sake, You lose interest after an hour of holding a flower whilst standing still... Be Your Own Joy Division Be Your Own... Be Your Own Garage of Revision Be Your Own... Be Your Own damned birth of Lightning and let Lou Reed restwalk his soles...because you're discovery of the velvet underground is something he really doesn't wanna relap up Fun to discover that music Not fun to Regurgitate all those Years Ago... .* Different things mean Different things to Different People... .* IF You get Older You will See that Junk was a lie sold to You by those Liars You rail old gangsters coming to the realization that the turf they died for was nothing more than rental property...owned Yes, by those Liars... It's bought and sold... again and about... Keep the colours in the back of your mind for future furniture/funeral photo use as the stars belong to all of Us...and nothing. It's harder a harder strain to lift a weightless object than it is to cast a 300 pound piece of shit towards the burning Sun... Life is a burning sheet of your own Wild tablature...or a stone you stumbled upon and casted with idiot anger into a soft pond...creating ripples similar to stormy radio frequencies...don't eat like Goya...rather boil your water like a hostage and drink it with spoiled fruit, like a prisoner's concoction, but swallow it slow, like a snake, like the deserted with little to a wolf foregoing the fucking of many to rest in the Rose Pussy of Reimbursed tomorrows... Gandhi made a mark on this planet but nobody follows the teachings so don't spend your time trying to make a name for yourself in History...instead mark your time on the lives of individuals you come into contact with...Oh!  That's that girl that lent me 5 bucks when i had nothing! That's the boy that gave me his coat when it Rained last night! It doesn't matter in the big fuck all... Do it for Yourself...crawl from the mud...and have some style on yer own... Suicide is always the first option on the table...Go for the 3rd option...which is Ride The hazy Summer Octagons Write the Winter Madness Cut Autumnal Wood with Knife Drink from Spring By losing Everything sometime far-off... We Gain the Whole She'bang*
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