The Beatles arrived very early in the morning of 17 August 1960, but had no trouble finding the St. Pauli area of Hamburg, as it was so infamous.  Unfortunately the Indra Club (64 Grosse Freiheit) was closed, so a manager from a neighbouring club found someone to open it up, and the group crashed out on the red leather seats in the alcoves.  The group played at the club on the same night once Johnny Lennon had a belly full of beer.  Microphone stands were kicked around, the drums got the shit kicked outta them, beer bottles flew, suds on leather, titty’knobs twirled and German jaws screamed for more, more, more as people pissed their pants while dancing and there were sweaty adams apples, frisky buttocks,
heavy petting, 
french kissing, pelvis hunching, just a whole lotta goddamned shakin’ going ON!

Actually is was kind of a slow night, about 19 people dancing awkwardly and never reaching below the belt for the auld sugary twist and shout…