“It’s like I’ve had a band every decade of my life, pretty much. I’m going to run out of time. Sometimes I think it’s the greatest thing in the world, you know. Other times I think ‘What am I doing to myself?’ ”

— Kurt Ottaway

“You’ve put all this time and energy, your life working on this thing and…then down the road the stuff you get back can be pretty amazing. You get that call and they’re like “Hey, do you want to come play Red Rocks?” and you’re like that’s why, that’s why you do it, you know…You just played with these amazing bands you love, that’s why you do it.”

— Todd Spriggs

On this episode of Behind The Scene:

Guest: Kurt Ottaway and Todd Spriggs (Emerald Siam)

Official Site: emeraldsiam.bandcamp.com

The song for this episode is called “Clean Split” from Emerald Siam’s upcoming album and is available on their bandcamp site.

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Photo By: Shon Cobbs